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out work
and having to close the business for months?

Rapid, dry refurbishment in wood.

A new way of seeing the creation of spaces.

Refurbishing with wood, a change of perspective.

The world has changed and the construction sector is reinventing itself. . The new environment in which we operate defines the new ways of behaving. This leads to a drastic reduction of new works, less buildable space available in large cities, dynamism and turnover in businesses ... all of which mean that, both in the contract sector and the residential sector, professionals are obliged to rethink the construction process and adopt a new approach to projects, adapting their proposals to these new competitive parameters.

Environments have to be more and more attractive to meet the expectations and needs of the users and, at the same time, have to conform to the budgets and time constraints defined by the customers.

All these aspects define a new model of construction and a new trend in the sector: the refurbishment and rehabilitation of spaces. The professionals in the sector have adapted to the new market situation and the new customer requirements.

Materials are required that can adapt themselves and that can help in the implementation of this type of work. In this regard, wood products present themselves as the ideal construction material for this type of project. With ease of installation and savings in overall cost, wood simplifies processes and offers important advantages and benefits to both the professionals involved and the end customer.

In addition, the final finish that can be achieved is simply spectacular: unique, warm and functional environments tailored to any style or trend. The enormous range of decorative possibilities of wood is placed at the service of creativity and design.

Wood products are, without any doubt, the ideal material for the refurbishment and creation of spaces. Watch and you will see how the spaces change and evolve with the wood.

A week of rapid construction

  • Day 1

    Day 1.

    Preparation of the premises for the start of the works.

  • Day 2

    Day 2.

    Installation of the wall panelling by means of vertical battens and decorative panels prefabricated in the workshop.

  • Day 3

    Day 3.

    Fixing of the panels prefabricated in the workshop for the false ceiling using metal supports anchored to the floor above.

  • Day 4

    Day 4.

    Laying of the blanket and installation of the Finfloor floating floor and terminations.

  • Day 5

    Day 5.

    Installation in situ of carpentry components including the fixing of elements relating to entry and exit.

  • Day 6

    Day 6.

    Fitting of items of furniture made to measure in the workshop.

  • Day 7

    Day 7.

    Placement of standard furniture and decorative items. Handing over of the project.



  • End customer

    End customer

    • Versatile and flexible: The space can evolve over time, the components easily changed.
    • The confidence to contribute to preserving the environment by using sustainable materials.
    • Decorative environments with style and functional spaces to match the needs.
    • Improved insulation , both acoustic and thermal, of the space.
    • Reduced noise during construction: Noise nuisance during the works is reduced.
    • Reduced dirt during the process. Less risk of blemishes.
    • Immediate use: The reception of the work and the starting up of operations is immediate. In the case of commercial premises this improves the amortisation of the works.
  • Interior designer

    Interior designer

    • Creative freedom: Enormous variety of designs, products and applications in order to offer innovative finishes.
    • Unique and personalised projects: Tailored to each customer and with the hallmark of the designer.
    • A whole host of construction solutions ready to implement and well documented.
    • Allows investment in better quality materials: This increases the quality of the final project in relation to the overall cost.
    • Flexibility in the design: With CAD-CAM design tools it is easy to move from two to three dimensions.
  • Contractor


    • Ease of implementation: The equipment required is very simple. This means fewer resources are required when carrying out projects.
    • Speed of installation: The components can be prefabricated in the workshop and assembled directly on site. Construction time is shorter and possible errors are avoided. Wooden construction components are light and easy to transport without special machinery.
    • Without unnecessary waiting: Setting, drying...
    • Without previous “preparation”: Demolition is not required, and assembly can be carried out on top of existing fittings.
    • Recycling chain: Simple management of waste by means of the recycling chain.

Bar Vasari
A real case, 3 different viewpoints

Designer. Jorge Pastor (Atalanta Intercom)

I have been in this industry for many years and have never lost sight of a basic principle: combining quality and profitability for the customer. The decorative solutions that FINSA provide offered us ample scope to meet the objectives in the refurbishment of the Vasari Bar. We decided to use the Cambrian Oak, a modern melamine design and very accomplished in terms of the natural wood finish. Melamine is a very appropriate material for these times of crisis and ideally suited to the current type of project in which three key factors must be taken into account: cost, time and aesthetics. The Cambrian oak with Superpan format satisfied these three requirements perfectly; and if we add the fact that it is very easy to work with, we have an ideal product.

Carpentry. 90º Carpinteros

In any project we face two types of challenge: to achieve the objectives of the end customer who wants to see their work finished on time, and to realise, on the ground, the plans of the Designer. And for this, the materials are the key. They must allow an agile implementation, be in good supply and satisfy the technical requirements. In the works at the Vasari Bar we had the help of the FINSA solutions. The board used - Superpan with a melamine design - greatly facilitated the carrying out of the work, especially in terms of the cutting quality and final finish. We met our deadlines, we implemented the work in its entirety without any major problems and we believe that the end result met the customer expectations. An optimal result.

End customer. Bar Vasari

For us the refurbishment of the Vasari meant combining sentiments and need. We felt that we had to change things around to modernise the bar and bring it up to date. However, the way things were at the time limited us in terms of budget and, above all, we did not want to have the business closed for too long. The deadline for the work was very important for us to begin to amortise the investment as soon as possible. We looked for good professionals to work with good materials because we knew that we wanted a quick, clean job that would also last over time. You can see the result for yourself if you visit us. We were very satisfied, and we are sure that anyone who comes will feel the same sensation.


Antes y después Bar Vasari

Real case

Bar Vasari

19 mm Superpan Decor Cambrian Oak Sega.
Furniture, bar, tables...