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Decorative Solutions

And if
I give it a different touch?

Personalise it so that this project is truly unique.

Digital printing.

A personalised technology service, to provide those details that make the difference.

Digital printing

The desire for personalised spaces has been a constant in the world of interior design and furniture that the industry has not always been able to satisfy.

Today, technological advances are opening up a world of possibilities that was unthinkable until recently, allowing creative designers to give free rein to their imagination.

The reproduction of creative images, photographs or large-scale motifs is now possible thanks to digital printing technology, which provides a breath of fresh air to wood-based decorative areas.

The combination of digitally printed designs with our range of textures and formats allows us to offer materials that not only have great visual power but also touch, without neglecting the technical requirements necessary for the application.

Their use in furniture allows for limited editions and even unique pieces. In interior design for shops, hotels or temporary events it enables each project to acquire a distinctive feature that makes it unique.

Below we present three designs to demonstrate the possibilities of digital printing. We invite you to find inspiration through the latest trends and we show you how you can use digital print designs in combination with the other FINSA decorative solutions..


  • Muestra Pastel Wood

    Disign 1

    Pastell wood

    Collage of woods of different tone and origin with an impressive 3D effect. The ageing due to the passage of time and the harshness of the pores and knots of wood are softened by the combination of neutral tones. The result is a particularly harmonic design ideal for spaces which invite you to relax and disconnect.

  • Muestra Vintage Books

    Disign 2

    Vintage books

    Reproduction of a photographic image of exceptional realism. At the height of the digital era the collection of piled up books takes us back to another time which we look at with nostalgia and affection. Vintage books is a very versatile design since it works for both small and large surfaces.

  • Muestra Timeless Majesty

    Disign 3

    Timeless majesty

    A sophisticated and timeless design, reinterpreted to follow the current trends. Its large-scale motifs make it ideal to apply to panelling and large surfaces in hotels, restaurants or any type of public building.


Don’t hesitate to tell us about any ideas you have. We will provide you with proposals. If your idea is already clearly defined, we need a “TIF” file with a resolution of at least “300 dpi” to make it into a reality.