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Decorative Solutions

Which other materials could I combine it with so that the ensemble is really spectacular?

Guidelines that point the way, essential trends in interior design

There's no accounting for style, but trends can help.

Three current trends in interior design: Natural & Organic, Authentic & Timeless, Subtle & Luxurious

The selection of materials can be one of the most critical phases in any decorating project. Never before have we had so many options for surfaces, colours and textures, and to achieve a harmonious or surprising combination that gives the project its own personality can become a never-ending task. In this context, where everything is possible, it is important to have a global perspective and to be able to call on the experience of professionals who can offer a new point of view. In the following pages we invite you to see the FINSA decorative surfaces with new eyes by way of three of the most up to date themes in interior design: Natural & Organic, Authentic & Timeless and Subtle & Luxurious. For the development of these styles we have benefited from the vision of the prestigious GLOBAL COLOR SEARCH, one of the most widely recognised colour consultants and trend forecasters. A new look at decorative solutions.

Global Color Research

In the field of interior design, colours and materials have the power to radically transform the appearance of a space and the feelings it transmits. At Global Color Research we are passionate about getting the most out of the use of colour. Whether we want to create an atmosphere that breathes peace and tranquillity, or whether we want the space to be vibrant and dynamic, we must be aware that the way we use materials, surfaces and of course colour, have a decisive influence on the mood of the people who are going to inhabit that space. The three interior trends that we have created for Finsa are the perfect example of how different styles can be enriched when used in the right proportions..



  • 01 pastel wood impresión digital

    Pastel Wood
    Impresión digital

  • 02 cambrian oak Melamine

    Cambrian oak

  • 03 caqui Melamine

    26G - Caqui

  • 04 verde ecológico Melamine

    023 - Verde ecológico

  • 05 character oak chapa natural

    Character oak
    Chapa natural

  • 06 fenix blanco laminado

    Fenix blanco

  • 07 pino lofoten Finfloor

    Pino lofoten

  • 08 gris tormenta Melamine

    09F - Gris tormenta

  • 09 roble gaia dolomites

    Roble gaia

  • 10 roble jerez Melamine

    06R - Roble jerez

  • 11 vintage books impresión digital

    Vintage books
    Impresión digital

  • 12 fenix gris laminado

    Fenix gris

  • 13 palisandro chapa natural

    Chapa natural

  • 14 naranja cayena Melamine

    17R - Naranja cayena

  • 15 amarillo curry Melamine

    16R - Amarillo curry

  • 16 azul city Melamine

    05Q - Azul city

  • 17 paper collage

    52S - Paper collage

  • 18 nogal siddhartha Finfloor

    Nogal siddhartha

  • 19 majesty impresión digital

    Impresión digital

  • 20 fenix negro laminado

    Fenix negro

  • 21 vison chic Melamine

    11R- Vison chic

  • 22 eucalipto ahumado chapa natural

    Eucalipto ahumado
    Chapa natural

  • 23 roble gaia vision Finfloor

    Roble gaia visión

  • 24 nogal luxury carbone Finfloor

    Nogal luxury carbone


Natural & Organic

This theme is based on everything natural and is, today, one of the main sources of inspiration in interior design.

The combination of materials and organic tones leads to fresh and relaxing atmospheres that stimulate our senses while at the same time spreading energy and a feeling of well-being.

We are surrounded by Mother Nature. The exuberance and richness of the plant world is transmitted to the decorative surfaces, endowing them with great personality. The natural elements and motifs inspired by plants, rock formations and landscapes bring Nature into indoor spaces.

Through the use of these resources, this selection of motifs, colour schemes and textures, the world of interior decorating draws on new sources of inspiration, enabling the recreation of relaxed, harmonious environments in tune with the space that surrounds us.

Inspired by Nature, guided by the return to organic tones that transport us to the freshest and most welcoming spaces. For this new trend we have selected a rich range of colours which includes an extensive range of shades: refreshing greens, warm, toasted, earthy colours, ochres ... all the options to recreate a natural space.

Natural & Organic

Trend 1

Natural & organic

1. Character Oak - Natural Veneer
2. Pastel Wood - Digital printing
3. 06R Roble Jerez - Melamine
4. 241 Finsa Green - Melamine
5. 01Q Tortora Grey - Melamine
6. Lofoten Pine - Finfloor
7. Fibraform - MDF

Natural & Organic

We focus on the gentler side of nature, using soft tones and light woods to create truly welcoming spaces.

Natural & Organic

Combining a trio of greens we achieve a tonal look that we complete with a dark oak with character.

Natural & Organic

Wood with its most natural appearance is the basis of the rustic style. To achieve a touch of sophistication we add dark colours.

Natural & Organic

It doesn’t take much imagination to be aware of the change that a remodelling like the one we have shown you represents. The choice of colours and textures means the difference between success or failure in the creation of new environments. By choosing natural and organic tones we achieve a fresh and light style.


Authentic & timeless

Any time in the past was better... or was it? New inspiration comes through the retro style reformulated.

The aesthetics of this theme are inspired by the retro style. Decidedly intense colours are combined with furniture with a mid-twentieth century design and with mix and match upholstery. Casual yet adult, this theme explores our longing for the past from a modern perspective.

Authentic and timeless materials give the spaces an air of nostalgia, heritage and know-how that makes durability a certainty. The retro colours combine with a futuristic aesthetic in a varied palette. We seek a contrast between the light and dark tones, while the matte finishes combine with the fabrics to create very inspiring atmospheres.

This careful combination of colours, textures, objects, fabrics and finishes is the key to defining a trend that is both surprising and at the same time delicate and reliable. A style where the balance is based precisely on breaking down the linearity and the established decorative parameters.

Avant-garde ideas today and always, lines that convince and satisfy an audience with diverse and heterogeneous tastes.

We rescue trends from the past and sift them until we achieve a style that is retro but inspired in much more avant-garde and personalised atmospheres where the curry yellow or cayenne orange, among others, give colour to spaces that are never out of fashion.

Authentic & timeless

Trend 2

Authentic & timeless

1. Vintage Books - Digital printing
2. 09F Storm Grey - Melamine
3. 17R Cayenne Orange - Melamine
4. 16R Curry Yellow - Melamine
5. 05Q City Blue - Melamine
6. Siddhartha Walnut - Finfloor
7. 52S Paper Collage - Melamine

Authentic & timeless

Old and new blend together in a lively colour palette that combines very up to date bright and neutral colours

Authentic & timeless

The sophisticated combination of bright colours with traditional woods such as walnut, is bold and approachable at the same time.

Authentic & timeless

Creates an environment with lots of style using a palette of masculine tones on surfaces inspired by traditional craftsmanship.

Antes & después

Through a simple construction process, so fast and clean that it barely lasts a week, we go from a dull and characterless space to an environment created in a tailor-made way for the person who inhabits it. In this case, we recreate a retro style but which is endowed with originality when combined with elements of the most up to date aesthetic trends.


Subtle & luxurious

The value of luxury properly understood. A play of light and shadow inspired by the brightness of a new trend.

This story explores the concept of luxury from the point of view of elegance and classicism in design. Intricate details combined with dark surfaces and metallic touches create environments with an aura of mystery that lead to interiors with an air of subtle fascination and escapism.

The dark colours are enhanced in combination with the metallics, which bring sophistication and warmth. We are looking for a contrast between materials with different degrees of brightness, with the mattes bringing purity and simplicity and the bright elements adding touches of glamour. The application of materials that play with light and transparency give an ethereal air to the interior spaces.

Embrace a new way of understanding interior design and discover all the secrets hidden behind this new trend that we propose. A repertoire of ideas and solutions that translate into a cosmopolitan, mysterious and individual style.

The elegance and luxury translates into an interesting visual contrast created by combining different dark tones: smoky woods, intense greys or black with different metallic tones. Silver and gold dominate more than ever to create ethereal, almost magical and very personal spaces.

Subtle & luxurious

Trend 3

Subtle & luxurious

1. Timeless Majesty - Digital printing
2. Fenix Black - Laminate
3. Carbone Luxury Walnut - Finfloor
4. Smoked Eucalyptus - Natural Veneer
5. Fenix White - Laminate
6. 15R Coconut Grey - Melamine

Subtle & luxurious

Applying dark and mysterious colours we create a captivating look with spectacular results.

Subtle & luxurious

The intense tones with powdered finishes demonstrate your most elegant side and bring subtlety to the dark wood.

Subtle & luxurious

A touch of metallic detail adds exquisiteness to the smoky woods and helps us to create environments that evoke pure luxury without ostentation or fuss.

Antes & después

Curtain up. Through this new trend inspired by luxury beyond the extraordinary, we achieve an almost dramatised vision of the environment. Elegance, classicism and good taste based on dark colours, but highlighting them with touches of brilliance.